[geeklog-devel] Re: And something else...

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Tue Dec 31 09:54:55 EST 2002

That's an interesting concept.  I only worry about the accounting aspects.  
We don't want to be middlemen in the money from a liability stand point.  
However you could do this:

1) User registers plugin, we internally assign an account number of some 
2) When that registered plugin is used to print photos, that account 
number would be sent over with all the transaction details to the printing 
3) The printing service would then pay the individuals and we'd get our 
cut too.


  On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, Simon Lord wrote:

> Ok, I've been thinking about something Blaine said about Geeklog users 
> and printing for cash and so on.  Here's a thought:
> Obviously we want people to be printing gobs of images so that we in 
> turn are making money right?  Well the guy who wrote Gallery is only 
> getting .2 cents per picture simply because he is sending the prints to 
> a reseller -OR- he's lying and is actually getting paid much more.
> So, what can we do?  How about anyone that chooses to use the Geeklog 
> album is required to register the plugin at album.geeklog.net, then any 
> prints from their site are logged and we pay *them* .2 per print!  
> Imagine, -ALL- Geeklog admins are now earning money, so they all have 
> the incentive to support and use the plugin (as well as spread the word 
> around). It's genius.  Since we are already making .25 per print, it 
> won't really make a difference if that profit fell to .23 per print 
> would it?
> We would simply have to work out how to pay those people, we can look 
> at setting something up with Roberto to send out those micro-payments.
> Anyway, just a thought, that would need more thinking.  Shit, this is 
> starting to sound more and more like a real business...
> Sincerely,
> Simon

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