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FYI, I will probably do a short write up on this...

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> However, Geeklog is not a fork of PHP-Nuke. Anybody who compares the 
> engines of the two can see that.  Furthermore, such an assertion 
> detracts from the time and effort that many people and put into Geeklog 
> to make it into what it has become.  So, instead of simply complaining 
> about this assertion, I thought an article highlighting what Geeklog is, 
> how it differs from other weblogs and where it is going would be a 
> fitting follow-up article...unless, of course, you think readers are 
> bored with them.

If you're interested in doing an article on Geeklog, please send
me an outline.  We have a lot of readers who like this kind of stuff.

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