[geeklog-devel] Sendmail hack demonstratable

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Feb 10 21:45:35 EST 2003

OK, I have a demo of the sendmail hack working.  No real security to it 
yet so be nice ;-)

As a reminder, this hack allows people to communicate with Geeklog via 
email.  The code is pretty generic and could be used easily with just 
about any program.

I moved the server code to www.geeklog.net and the client stuff is on my 
mail server.

All interaction requires a command and a username (eventually a 
password).  To get a list of all installed commands send a message to 
geeklog-test at lists.geeklog.net with this:

command: help
username: <geeklog.net username>

That should send you an email that explains that submitstory is the only 
command installed (new commands are easily added).  Then to get help on 
a specific command email the same address with this:

command: help submitstory
username: <geeklog.net username>

That will return the details of the submitstory command.  Then, per the 
message send a message with this:

command: submitstory
username: <geeklog.net username>
title: <story title>
topic: <topic id>
mode: <html or plaintext>
story: <text for the story>

This *should* save a new story to the submission queue.

I'll be adding security here shortly and then documenting this stuff. 
Not sure how usefull this really is to Geeklog as I know I won't 
personally use it but we have had requests for it and I thought it would 
be a fun challenge.  They way it is built, it is VERY easy to add new 
commands which makes this of interest to plugins too.

Send any feedback...

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