[geeklog-devel] GL1.3.x and Smarty

LIMBURG, Mark mark.limburg at baesystems.com
Thu Feb 20 20:30:36 EST 2003


I've been writing a web app for my work, which used Smarty as the template
engine.  I am seriously amazed at what and how this template tool works ..
precompiled templates and real logic control inside the template itself
provides SO much power, it makes me giddy. As such, I've been toying with
the idea of implementing Smarty into a version of GL to see how it handles
it ... and last night, I altered the main page and some of lib-common.php to
use it.  It looks very very good.

If there's interest, I'd commit myself to make a full conversion and
release.  This would include moving the GL code over to the manipulation of
arrays/variables, and simply pass them over to the Smarty template .. which
would then handle the control and placement of the data.  Additional options
in Smarty include template cache and PHP inside templates.  I'd look at
moving XSilver and SmoothBlue over first, then the rest of the standard
themes.  The GL version I'd use would be the current CVS, and as I'm
working, I'd add whatever individual changes done to CVS to my variation.



Mark Limburg
Alpha Geek, Unix Operations, Information Systems

PO Box 1068, Salisbury
South Australia,  5108

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