[geeklog-devel] Consolidation of GPlugs and Geeklog.net

Tom Willett tomw at pigstye.net
Mon Feb 24 11:45:09 EST 2003

> The big problem I see with gl.net now is there are a few places you can go 
> to get themes, plugins and other hacks other than gl.net.  That is what 
> really needs to stop.  As noted, Blaine's file manager is being tweaked to 
> better meet some of our needs (thanks Blaine).

> Access to CVS, having a test bed is great but I still think that gplugs 
> can do that.  However, I'd like to integrate gplugs and gl.net more (i.e. 
> give gplugs the plugins.geeklog.net domain and link to it from gl.net 
> where appropriate).  In fact, if it isn't in the works, I'd be willing to 
> hack the file manager to include links to a file home page and to CVS.  
> That way individual files are free to use the gplugs service or developers 
> can use their own site.  The real benefit users would go once place to 
> *find* this information.
But just changing the domain name from gplugs.sf.net to plugins.geeklog.net 
would not accomplish having only one place to find information. Now if we 
could run both sites off the same database and do searches on the combined 
data, that would be better, but that would require some custom hacking and 
testing etc.  I am not really up to that right now.

And Dirk is right -- this does little to unify cvs and downloads.  (And Dirk 
if you want access to cvs and downloads at gplugs, just say so and I will 
add you with full privileages, same goes for any geeklog developer).  Its a 
big thorny issue, filled with the land mines of peoples egos.  I think that 
all developers would welcome a central location and tools.

> I think adding support forums on gl.net for each 3rd party hack is a great 
> idea and I would have no problem with making the author the moderator.
> Does that draw the distinction a bit better?

A little, but even more it serves to make the issues a little clearer.

Tom Willett
tomw at pigstye.net

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