[geeklog-devel] Consolidation of GPlugs and Geeklog.net

Tom Willett tomw at pigstye.net
Mon Feb 24 13:23:29 EST 2003

> Ok, then let me ask this.  What is the smallest amount of work we can do 
> now with the most gain then?  

How about this for a plan?  In order of difficulty, from least to more.

All of this would be contigent on getting the OK from the rest of the gplugs 
developers -- I basically run the site but it is a group site and I would 
not make such changes by fiat.

1) Since Forum 2 came out I moved all discussion on gplugs to the forum 
(many times forcefully -- get ready for this struggle on the main site when 
you make this change).  When you are ready to open up the forum on the main 
geeklog site, get a dump of the gplugs forum database and use it to seed the 
main geeklog forum.  Then I will direct all discussion there.  The only 
problem I see with this is getting the latest forum posts back to display on 
gplugs.  Maybe we could set up an rdf feed for that -- I will look into 
that, should be easy to create a plugin to do that.

2) Change gplugs.sf.net to plugins.geeklog.net (Would this be moving the 
site or just a dns change?)  Either way, not a big deal.

3) Consolidate 3rd party cvs on gplugs.sf.net and give all developers access 
to this (or another sf.net site, I don't care).  All we have to do is ask 
and they will transfer cvs trees for us -- they have been quick when I 
asked.  [Tony I know you have complained about not being able to delete 
admins on sf.net, but I have been able to make people admins and then revoke 
the admin privileges again.  When they are no longer admins you can delete 
them.]  I have no problem with granting access and revoking it again if 
someone misbehaves or becomes inactive.

4) Somehow consolidating the downloads. (an ultimate goal)  With the 
filemanagement plugin now you can pull the download from a remote site.  
Perhaps we could use that to centralize downloads.  Squatty uses sf.nets 
download servers this way now.  We could give the developers control over 
their file releases on sf.net and that would alleviate the problem of out of 
sync file releases.  The developer would then have one place to go to update 
the release archive.

5) Figure out what to do with the existing content on gplugs so that it is 
not lost and then demote gplugs to a demo site.

If this plan is ok then I will take a poll of the other gplugs developers to 
see if they will go along and what if any concerns they might have.  I do 
not know which ones are here, beside Squatty and were in on the prior 

Tom Willett
tomw at pigstye.net

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