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Last comment (but no promise).  I really like the home page for
squirrelmail (http://www.squirrelmail.org).  It's to the point, short,
good links, and lists real news and plug-in announcements.  I'd be very
happy to see that as the GL homepage!  Would I use GeekLog for the
GeekLog home page?  I don't know that we have to.  Most commercial
weblogs don't power their own home pages (the right tool for the right
job) but that's up to Tony and the guys working on the server.  We'd
also only need a GeekLog demo site if we wanted to demo admin stuff (and
I don't think we even need to do that).  Links to squatty, macosxhints,
etc... do a much better job of showing GL in action.

I also agree with using a forum for support.  I hate mailing lists, the
treads always get screwed up, etc.. (see PHP's list for an example).  

I'm sure I stirred up some emotion, I'll put on my asbestos underwear.

Jason Whittenburg
Internet Security Systems, Inc.

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I too am in agreement.  I have no problem employing the forum plugin 
here.  I'd go a step further that if we are going to do 'marketing' in 
the content of the articles then we need to draw up a new theme that has

more market qualities.  So if I hear this right here is what needs to be


1) Install forum
2) Post new article about shift in focus for articles and announce the 
3) Develop a new theme

Of course, this is all find and dandy, question is who will work on each

task ;-)

Blaine if we do do this, we will definitely want a hack that can convert

a story submission to a forum post. I gaurantee once we try to roll this

out we will have users posting things that belong in the forums to the 
story submission queue.  I have ideas on how to do this that require 
little change to the core GL stuff...

So, any volunteers?  I nominate Knuckles for the theme ;-)

I can install the forum plugin.   and post the article

Blaine can you write the converter?

Dirk,  either you don't have an opinion on this or you do and have been 
quiet.  Any thoughts before we get too far down the road?


Blaine Lang wrote:
> Totally agree!
> Do we have a forum that we can use?
> How about a FAQ Plugin to organize the most recent questions as well 
> that is integrated into the GL search? I am just putting the finishing

> touches on this one - see my site
> (www.langfamily.ca) for a demo. It's 99% done just testing now.
> I know one reason we were holding back was that we would need to 
> convert all the existing stories to forum topics. I could write such a

> tool - but do we really need to wait.
> Blaine
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>>I wouldn't kill him...  I do agree...
>>I never liked the fact the the geeklog.net (aka 
>>geeklog.sourceforge.net) was posting peoples problems will Geeklog.  A

>>forum would be better for that.
>>To say again in PHP terms "+1"
>>Simon Lord said:
>>>Secret is out Tony, should we kill Rob?
>>>On Friday, February 21, 2003, at 09:36 PM, Rob Griffiths wrote:
>>>>Greeting, GL Dev Team...
>>>>Something's been bugging me about www.geeklog.net for a while, but I

>>>>couln't quite figure out what it was.  Tonight, though, I believe 
>>>>I've  identified what the source of my bother was:  I do not think 
>>>>www.geeklog.net is sending a good message about the program to any 
>>>>casual browsers of the site -- that is, potential users of Geeklog. 
>>>>Most days, 90% of the content of the site is about bugs, glitches, 
>>>>install problems, basic questions, etc.
>>>>I would think a better use for the main site would be to restrict it

>>>>to news of Geeklog, new hacks, official bug fixes from the Dev Team 
>>>>members only, PR announcing sites that have been Geeked, etc.  With 
>>>>the Forum 2.0 plug-in available, support questions would be better 
>>>>served in that environment, would they not?
>>>>It's almost like we've got this amazing car, but when we talk to 
>>>>people about it, all we tell them about is that it's sometimes hard 
>>>>to  start, it may break down if it's not treated right, and to get 
>>>>the most out of it, you really need to RTFM.  Shouldn't we be 
>>>>publicizing what Geeklog >can< do instead of focusing on what 
>>>>troubles people are having with it?
>>>>I took a quick look at the home pages for phpnuke, mambo, phpslash, 
>>>>phpwebsite, webgenerator-x, drupal, e107, LDU, and ovidentia (thanks

>>>>to opensourcecms.com :-).  Of those, only one or two have any sort 
>>>>of troubleshooting stuff on their homepages at all (phpwebsite had 
>>>>some random support questions and postnuke had a section called 
>>>> The main focus of the pages is not help or questions, but rather, 
>>>>announcements and information.  Geeklog is the only CMS homepage 
>>>>that I visited that seemed to emphasize bugs and help directly on 
>>>>the homepage...
>>>>Not that anyone asked me, but ... ... I would think a "staticpage" 
>>>>homepage with a full center pane of info about Geeklog -- what it 
>>>>is, how it works, top 10 sites its installed on, newest "Geekings," 
>>>>a link  for the support forum, a link to a sample site 
>>>>(opensourcecms.org), etc. would be a much better "selling" tool than

>>>>the current collection  of help requests and "failed to RTFM" bug 
>>>>  Flame away....
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