[geeklog-devel] GPlugs and Geeklog.net

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Feb 25 11:36:59 EST 2003

Tom Willett <tomw at pigstye.net> wrote:

>I offered my proposal and silence -- counter-proposal?

Not really a counter-proposal, but I just had a tough time answering a
post in the forum on geeklog.info where I ran into all sorts of problems
with just that one post:

1) The single quotes problem - I can't even post "$_CONF['limitnews']"
(or the word "can't", for that matter) without getting an SQL error.

2) Words in curly brackets disappear: "LIMIT {$_CONF['limitnews']},
{$_CONF['limitnews']}" becomes "LIMIT ,".

3) When I tried to work around the above by using [code], I found out
that the forum only recognizes the first [code] block and leaves the
second as it is.

This makes me wonder if the forum is really ready for prime-time yet.

Blaine, I certainly don't want to put down the work that you invested
into the forum. But these need to be fixed before we can use the forum on
geeklog.net since those are basic things we need in almost every post ...

bye, Dirk


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