[geeklog-devel] GPlugs and Geeklog.net

Dwight Trumbower dwight at trumbower.com
Tue Feb 25 11:50:45 EST 2003

At 05:36 PM 2/25/2003 +0100, you wrote:

>1) The single quotes problem - I can't even post "$_CONF['limitnews']"
>(or the word "can't", for that matter) without getting an SQL error.

Worked for me 

>2) Words in curly brackets disappear: "LIMIT {$_CONF['limitnews']},
>{$_CONF['limitnews']}" becomes "LIMIT ,".

Yep, didn't work.

>3) When I tried to work around the above by using [code], I found out
>that the forum only recognizes the first [code] block and leaves the
>second as it is.

Worked for me. Same link, third post.

dwight at trumbower.com

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