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Jason Whittenburg me at jasonwhittenburg.com
Fri Jan 10 02:03:59 EST 2003

Good Morning,

It's 2:13am and I can't sleep!

Tony, I think it's about time! ;-)  We want GL to be big time so we better
start acting like it already is.  I love everything you posted on the site
but I'd like to also see it go one step further.  One thing I've learned
from history is the product doesn't have to be superior to win, just the
people must be superior, and we are!

But first one must add that priority #1 needs to be GeekLog 2.  We MUST
get that done ASAP.  Let be bold and say by March 31st we will have a
somewhat working GL2 and release at least an RC by June 30th.  I think GL2
will be the point where we can really offer value add for $$.

No on to your list.  I'd like to throw out two more items to think about. 
I think about should probally be GL2 things:

1) Paid email support (ala MySQL), maybe that is what you are talking
about in "extended support".
2) Hosting contracts with providers that give us a kick back. ;-)  We
would name them "certified GL hosting companies" and they would pay an $$
per site amount back to us.

Just the ravings of someone who has his first sleepless night in two
years.  BTW, count me in.


Tony Bibbs said:
> Guys.  I took the liberty of drafting the following page on possibly
> offering Geeklog services:
> http://www.geeklog.net/staticpages/index.php?page=20030110012258991
> Take a look and see if you have any objections.  I am still very much in
>  the spirit of open and free software but I feel like we are to a point
> were we need to at least consider taking this to another level.  Some of
>  you may have no interest in making a dime of offering services around
> Geeklog but my hope is all of you would be somewhat interested.  My wet
> dream is still to do Geeklog development full-time.  It may stay just
> that, a wet dream, but I don't see what we lose by trying.
> I set up an address, contact-us at geeklog.net that is a mailing list. I
> will be adding you all to it here tomorrow but I didn't want to get too
> far down the road before I gave some of you a chance to shoot this down.
> Related to this, I really think we need to 'tidy' our site up.  The
> stock themes are OK but I'd like to see something a bit more
> professional that really shows what a good theme can look like if you
> spend a little time.  Knuckles, you are sort of the man here.  Do you
> have any interest?  Also, related to some of the content.  We have
> talked to about rearranging/editing/removing some items (links, block,
> etc) and I'd like to open up a discussion here on what you all would
> like to see changed on the site so that if knuckles accepts this
> challenge that he'll have something to work from.
> I took the liberty to add a new block at the top left for project
> related links.  I think this really provides quick access to important
> links.  Anyway, if you all think this server offering is worth doing,
> I'll add a link to the page in that block.
> Thoughts?  Questions?  Concerns?
> --Tony
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