[geeklog-devel] Full-text Search Working

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Sun Jan 12 11:33:11 EST 2003

Cool, I figured there was something like this...just didn't dig around 
too much.  So, to be clear, I'll use this in the install script 
somewhere for both updates and new installs to determine if the alter 
tables need to happen.  Then in search.php I'll call it again to see if 
we should run full-text searches.

I thought about leaving this in the config.php file as an option but the 
more I think about it, why *wouldn't* you want this if your DB supports 
it?  Anyone want to argue leaving it in config.php?

Also, implementing this in GL2 will be a bit more tricky.  The 
trickiness is introduced by the fact we'll support any DBMS that 
PEAR::DB supports.  I think we can implement a search factory pattern 
that would still allow you to do custom searching per DBMS but the code 
to do the custom searches would, ideally, come from the GL user 
community as I don't want to get into supporting code that isn't DB 
independent or os/webserver independent.  So I'll just add the hooks 
that make it possible but leave it unimplemented.  Instead we'll have a 
default search object that does DBMS independent searches.


Tom Willett wrote:
>>If any of you want a small challenge if 
>>there is a way in MySQL via query to get the MySQL version then we could 
>>  eliminate a bunch of support hassles by determining this for them
> Not mysql but php
> mysql_get_server_info()
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