[geeklog-devel] Re: [contact-us] Geeklog 2 DBA Duties

Dwight Trumbower dwight at trumbower.com
Tue Jan 14 16:50:39 EST 2003

At 03:09 PM 1/14/2003 -0600, Tony Bibbs wrote:
>I think we are all in agreement. Geeklog 2 will be rewrite (in case you
>didn't already know that).  I think those thoughts are great and input is
>always welcome but the primary role you would have would be DBA.  It time
>permits and you have interest then obviously you could help with PHP

I'm always full of opinions and ideas.:)

Interest could be there but skill may not be there for serious php coding. 
Most scripting experience is in vbscript. I need to dig a little harder 
into php. Done the basics but haven't worked with php classes much. I 
assume it isn't much different than other classes.

>As a starting point I will send over the latest GL2 schema.  No physical
>database exists, this just shows what we see needed initially.  As we dig
>into requirements we will review and modify as necessary (which you would
>steward).  So as not to get ahead of ourselves.  I will send over that
>schema and let you start asking questions.  Then I'd like to see this
>converted over for MS SQL Server and PostgresSQL.  If you get that far
>odds are you are hired ;-)

Looking forward to the challenge. I guess if I do get hired, I will have to 
create a site with geeklog. I guess I will have to hunker down and modify a 
layout, not a quick task, unless I'm missing something.

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