[geeklog-devel] Re: [contact-us] Geeklog 2 DBA Duties

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Tue Jan 14 16:09:33 EST 2003

I think we are all in agreement. Geeklog 2 will be rewrite (in case you 
didn't already know that).  I think those thoughts are great and input is 
always welcome but the primary role you would have would be DBA.  It time 
permits and you have interest then obviously you could help with PHP 

As a starting point I will send over the latest GL2 schema.  No physical 
database exists, this just shows what we see needed initially.  As we dig 
into requirements we will review and modify as necessary (which you would 
steward).  So as not to get ahead of ourselves.  I will send over that 
schema and let you start asking questions.  Then I'd like to see this 
converted over for MS SQL Server and PostgresSQL.  If you get that far 
odds are you are hired ;-)

Count on an email from me later tonight.


 didnt kno On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Dwight Trumbower wrote:

> I'm interested in helping out. I have been creating database applications 
> for over 15 years. My main knowledge base is with MS SQL Server, but I have 
> used MYSQL for web sites. I've looked at PostgreSQL but haven't used it much.
> I would like to get involved with a project and geeklog seems like a decent 
> project. It has a good base but can use some improvements.
>          easier administration
>          options of search engine friendly urls
>          good integrated forum - great start already
>          easier themeing
>          stronger CSS2 compliant
>          xhtml 1.0 valid
>          less table dependant
>          fast db access
> Let me know if I can be help.
> Dwight Trumbower
> T Systems Corp
> Custom Database Solutions
> dwight at tsystemscorp.com
> 920-667-4438
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