[geeklog-devel] Another Updated Installer

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu Jan 16 15:29:46 EST 2003

Related to this, do we want to check if the given DB exists and, if not, 
try and create it?

Can't imagine it's more than a few lines of code.


Jason Whittenburg wrote:
> Ok, I've updated the installer some more to add the following items:
> 1) Added a search for mysqldump to correctly set up that variable,
>    it disables backups if it can't find mysqldump.
> 2) Added addslashes() to the title and slogan variables.
> 3) Added a datestamp to the display for versioning. :-)
> 4) Added permission settings on /backup
> 5) Added removal of /public_html/admin/install to the clean up
>    process
> Remeber the installer is for new installs only right now.  It has
> only been tested on linux but other unix system may work.  Windows
> will not work.  PEAR is required for the installer (the installer
> will try to find it if not in the include path).
> To use the installer run:
>  lynx -source http://newsgeeks.com/go-geeklog | php -q
> or download the go-geeklog script and run it with PHP:
>  php -q ./go-geeklog
> As always, please test and report back!
> -Jason
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