[geeklog-devel] Links system almost done

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Fri Jan 17 21:37:33 EST 2003

André Medeiros wrote:
> Hello ladies and gentleman!
> I'm nearlly finishing the implementation of the new links system on geeklog
> 1.3.7sr1. I've modified a few files, added some stuff (70% of links.php is
> new). Now I just need to update the admin area of the links (which shouldn't
> be too hard). I'll post the "fix" to get this working tomorrow on this list
> What do you think about a conversion script? I have an idea on how to do
> one...

Is there a working URL we can test it out in?  We should take care to 
review the code as a group to ensure quality.  Not to nit-pick but a 
good example of some bad code (by me) is search.php and calendar.php. 
Those were both worked on late at night with no one looking over my 
shoulder and now I'm paying for it (I'm currently re-working search.php 
and calendar.php works but is impossible to read).  So, if you don't 
mind er'd like to see a link to the code either in .zip or .phps format 
on a web site.

Let's worry about conversion scritps after we have ironed the code out.

> I've added the report broken link option.


> I have a trick question... should the link categories also have permissions?
> If so... I would have to ID them the same way I do with the links, articles,
> etc, right?

Yes, and yes.  GL2 will have a set of generic cateogry tables that can 
be used by anything needing a catalog (articles, links, documents, etc) 
that take care of the security stuff for you.  Until then you'll need to 
  handle security yourself.

> That's about it.
> bye
> Andre
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