[geeklog-devel] Feature request - IP capture...

Rob Griffiths robg at macosxhints.com
Tue Jan 21 10:07:15 EST 2003

Last night, I received a somewhat threatening (in a broad way, not 
specific to me) submission ... while pondering what to do with it, I 
was curious how I could find out where it came from.  The only solution 
I came up with was a grep through the Apache logs (thanks Jason!), 
which found probably two different IPs that could have submitted the 
story.  This would have been much more complex in a few days' time, as 
the logs would have been rotated out...

So I'm asking if the GL dev team could consider adding "IP number" to 
the captured info -- it's done on most forum sites now, and I think it 
makes sense just for things like this ... also would make sense for 
sites that allow anonymous comments.

Just a thought...


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