[geeklog-devel] postgresql schema

LIMBURG, Mark mark.limburg at baesystems.com
Thu Jan 23 18:28:05 EST 2003


 > From: Dwight Trumbower [mailto:dwight at trumbower.com]
 > Subject: RE: [geeklog-devel] postgresql schema

 > >Now, how well would the postgresql sql environment suit an Oracle
 > >environment?

 > Go to http://www.tsystemscorp.com/geeklog/mysql.html there 
 > is a link for an Oracle schema. See if it loads, I don't have oracle.

Will do.  I have a nice little Sun box here running Apache, PHP and Oracle
and am happy for it to become the Oracle test environment for GL.  I also
have a somewhat overworked Oracle DBA here who I can convince to get
distracted on something like this :)
 > I know the main focus is on mysql, postgresql and ms sql server.
 > Adding oracle could make g2 more enterprise friendly.

Very very very much so.  Indeed, from what I understand, it may be possible
to effectivly dovetail the postgresql and oracle setups, as the db
environments are very simular ... at the least, oracle can be dumbed down a
little to suit it - atleast much easier than making oracle work within a
mysql type environment.

Just need oracle to have an 'autoincrement' trigger :)


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