[geeklog-devel] postgresql schema

Dwight Trumbower dwight at trumbower.com
Thu Jan 23 18:07:32 EST 2003

At 09:02 AM 1/24/2003 +1030, you wrote:
>  > Here is the schema for postgresql.
>  > http://www.tsystemscorp.com/geeklog/g2postgresqlcreate.sql
>Now, how well would the postgresql sql environment suit an Oracle

Go to http://www.tsystemscorp.com/geeklog/mysql.html there is a link for an 
Oracle schema. See if it loads, I don't have oracle.

I know the main focus is on mysql, postgresql and ms sql server.
Adding oracle could make g2 more enterprise friendly.

dwight at trumbower.com

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