[geeklog-devel] Translation possibility

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Fri Jan 24 17:14:25 EST 2003

Ok, bare with me but I think I have a potential way of handling this 
translation issue.

1) We create an xml file for all languages other than english that looks 
like this:
        <entry msgid="some english text">translated text</entry>
        <entry msgid="some other text">other translated text</entry>
2) During automated install, the translation type is queried from the 
2a) if gettext, XML files for all translations are loaded a .po is 
constructed for each and then we launch msgfmt against all .po's to get 
the .mo file
2b) otherwise we either leave the XML alone and parse that for each 
request OR we load it into some structure (similar to current array 

After all this I start wondering if gettext is so important it justifies 
the work.  I mean, why not just to with the method in 2b?  My answer, 
though I can't verify would be speed. I have to believe gettext is 
faster/more efficient.

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