[geeklog-devel] Help with Komodo

Blaine Lang langmail at sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 25 14:27:56 EST 2003


Are you trying to use the debugger in local mode
What webserver, OS and PHP version

I too spent hours trying to get Komodo debugger working in local mode a few
months back and after reporting several questions and issues to the Active
with no answers I gave up.  I had been using PHPEdit with DBG Debugger for
local debugging on my XP workstation until this week when I upgraded to PHP
4.3 - now it's broken and I have not so far been able to get a combination
of PHPEdit and DBG to work.

I was about to try Komodo again myself - although I found the Mozilla
interface very slow to startup.


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> I recently upgraded to Komodo 2.0 and have yet to successfully configure
> PHP Debugging.
> Does anyone have any experience setting-up Komodo?  Perhaps a quick list
> of bullets I can follow...and yes I did RTFM.
> Thanks!
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