[geeklog-devel] Language Issue

Tom Willett tomw at pigstye.net
Sat Mar 8 12:57:09 EST 2003

I just ran across an issue with the menu plugin, I was wondering about.  In 
the menu plugin I use the $_USER['language'] variable to allow a site to 
have multiple language menus.  A user complained that he got different menus 
with different browsers and I could not imagine how.  I looked at a dump of 
his menu table and noticed that some of the entries did not have a language 
set.  Working with the user I discovered that with some of the browsers he 
was using the $_USER['language'] variable was not set and on other it was.  
I assumed that the $_USER['language'] variable was always set by lib-common, 
but I was wrong.  For him, the browsers for which the $_USER['langauge'] 
variable was 
not set were:

IE (Windows) 5.5, IE (Mac OS X) 5.2.2, Netscape (Mac) 7.0 Chimera

The variable was set for

IE (Windows) 6.0 Netscape (Windows) 6.2.3 and Safari  

In my testing all browsers set the variable.  

This included IE 5.5 and 6 (windows) Netscape 6 (windows)  Konquerer 3 
(Linux) Netscape 7 (Linux) Mozilla 0.9.9 (Linux).

This is not the only instance that I have had similiar reports, but this is 
the first time I had a user willing to experiment for me.

Is this a know issue that I am no aware of?

Tom Willett
tomw at pigstye.net

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