[geeklog-devel] Re: GL2: php5?

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Tue Mar 11 13:13:23 EST 2003


I'm not ignoring you, I thought I got back to you through a post on 
geeklog-devel.  Anyway, this is where most of these sorts of discussions 
should occur (I have copied this list in).

I have a number of tasks you could be working related to GL2 that I think 
warrant value despite any release of PHP5 engine.  So here are a few 
response to your message below:

1) Embarassingly enough, I have not followed PHP5 other than the wishlist 
they began work from.  Your mentioning this is a good reality check.  I 
haven't read the article yet but I'll be interested in any projections in 
final releases and I have questions related to backwards compatibility.

2) Because GL2 has started out OO, I'm hoping much of our existing GL2 
code (what little exists) will port nicely so I think we got with what is 
stable but plan for any changes we may need to make.  This will require us 
to do a bit of research

3) As I said, I have a number of tasks to help ramp you up on GL2.  Are 
you able to connect to our IRC channel on a regular basis or will a bulk 
of our conversation have to take place on this list?  Regardless, I will 
touch base with you soon on what we have so that you might get started 


 On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Chris 
Franklin wrote:

> Tony -
> I'm interested in working with you on the new GL2 php "core" app server - the idea intrigues me - but I haven't heard back from you. Apologies if I sound like an a*s - I know you're busy...
> So I've been thinking of either writing a plugin or hacking on the 1.3.7 code base to add a feature but my interests lie more in architecture and emerging technologies related to php. 
> To those ends, have you considered using the php5 beta for the foundation of GL2? It is due out this month w/ better support of OOP - check out this article:
> http://www.theopenenterprise.com/story/TOE20021204S0001
> Here's some excerpts:
> "PHP version 5, expected to appear in beta form by March, 2003, and released in the summer of 2003, could change all that. Significant performance improvements and a much more complete object-oriented programming environment will allow PHP to provide a powerful Web front end for enterprise-class .NET and J2EE-based applications."
> ...
> "Programmers familiar with C++ or Java will find many of the common object-oriented constructs in PHP5 -- destructors, constructors, namespaces, nested classes, exception handling, and syntax overloading are all supported."
> ...
> "One of the sweet side-effects of the new object-oriented model is improved performance. PHP4, when executing, does a lot of expensive data copying, but with the re-write of the core PHP engine in PHP5, that will end. PHP4 copied objects by value instead of by reference, meaning that objects were copied whenever variables were assigned or parameters were passed to a routine. In PHP5, instead of copying objects, objects are referred to by a handle, essentially an object pointer. The result is that both CPU performance and memory usage are improved."
> -C 

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