[geeklog-devel] FW: Question about LDAP or PAM

Danny Ledger danny at squatty.com
Tue Mar 18 16:56:10 EST 2003


I believe LDAP authentication is a feature targeted for the GL 2 release (Tony/Dirk - please confirm).  I can't speak to PAM authentication.  

To my knowledge no one has actually implemented the type of integration you are referring to.

I'm copying this reply to the GL core developer community in hopes someone more knowledgeable than I will respond.


Danny Ledger (a.k.a squatty)
danny at squatty.com

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Subject: Question about LDAP or PAM

  My name is Curt Driscoll and I am an Assitant LAN Admin at a Utility Company.  We are currently using GL for our intranet.  We are looking for some sort of LDAP or PAM authentication so that it can pull users login/pass from Active Directory on and Exchange 2000 server.  Do you know if this has been done, or is in the making?  I have very little php experience, and this would be a very helpful way to authenticate as opposed to using the GL database.  Any feedback is appreciated.

Curt Driscoll
cdriscoll at cfutilities.com

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