[geeklog-devel] Request: Template Class Enhancement

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu Mar 20 00:19:03 EST 2003

Call me a purist but then your templates are no longer templates.

Point of templates is so your Web design folks to do work without 
needing to know how to program.

If you need "if then" I say add it in your PHP code and have different 
templates for the 'if' and 'then'.

Can't remember but I think the PEAR template system supports this 
despite my general dislike for it.


Mark Limburg wrote:
> Howdy,
> I'd like to see IF/THEN/ELSE logic control put into the template engine. 
>  Now from memory, we're using a cutdown and slightly rewritten version 
> of PHPLib's template class ... did the original handle logic control?
> I've been working on four new themes and I'm finding I really need to 
> resort to altering the codebase to handle certain functions (like what 
> to display if there is no left/right block, etc) and logic control would 
> just save my ass in so many ways.
> Umm, I'll look into it, but if anyone has any pointers to help along, 
> please say so!
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