[geeklog-devel] Request: Template Class Enhancement

LIMBURG, Mark mark.limburg at baesystems.com
Thu Mar 20 00:44:52 EST 2003


 > Call me a purist but then your templates are no longer templates.

Okay purist :)

Seriously, I can't disagree more.  Templates control the display of content,
and if that means your theme is designed to display a single news report,
then it is.  If the template needs to display a different block of html  if
there is no right block (seriously, my biggest bitch as a designer), we're
pretty much screwed UNLESS we alter the code .. which defeats the point of
templates in the first place.

 > Point of templates is so your Web design folks to do work without 
 > needing to know how to program.

You don't NEED to use them.  They're there if you WISH to use them.


Mark Limburg
Team Leader, Unix Operations, Information Systems

PO Box 1068, Salisbury
South Australia,  5108

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