[geeklog-devel] Content Management Systems (Kein Betreff)

Dwight Trumbower dwight at trumbower.com
Fri May 16 09:57:24 EDT 2003

Here are some links that may help for CMS requirements, lots of info. 

CMS in general, is almost an overused term now days. Any system that stores 
data to be displayed on a web sites is considered a cms. I would put 
Geeklog more in the portal category.

The key going forward with Geeklog is too define what the target market 
will be. Personally I would like to see it the BEST cms for small - mid 
size companies. It won't have all the bells and whistles of large CMSes but 
will have the main core functionality. With this target, the system needs 
to be easily maintained without the help of IT gurus. GL2 needs to be less 
geekish and more end user helpful. I can't quantify were geeklog currently 
is in that spectrum but I would say it is already easier to maintain than 
most cms.

For those that haven't looked at other CMS, I suggest you do so. Particular 
the ones that seem to be in news the most. i.e. EzPublish, Phpwebsite, 
etc.. They all have good features, some just are harder to use. The tricky 
part is defining why they are in the "news". Is it because they are good or 
is it because they have a great PR department.

Happy forging ahead.


At 12:41 PM 5/16/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>The current edition of the German PHP Magazin features a "market survey
>of 75 Content Management Systems". Effectively, that's a printed version
>of the list they have on their website, <http://www.phpmag.de/cms/>.
>The article points out a recent trend in CMS, which seems to be support
>for WebDAV. It also goes on to say that one of the key requirements for a
>modern CMS is a WYSIWYG editor.
>The article then concentrates on three CMS (ezPublish, Contenido, and
>Chairman), the others are simply listed with their features.
>Geeklog is also on that list, since I entered it on the website some time ago.
>Here's a list of the features from that survey that Geeklog does not support:
>- export to static HTML
>- Workflows (i.e. that you can define you own)
>- "central media database", whatever that is supposed to mean
>- versioning of layouts
>- support for meta information
>- output caching for live servers
>- managing more than one project/website
>- to-do lists for authors and administrators
>- WYSIWYG editor
>- XML import and export
>- exporting articles to PDF
>- scripting language for templates
>- connecting to existing systems, e.g. ERP, CRM
>- ability to define keywords for articles
>- automatic generation of overview pages(?)
>- automatic generation of graphics
>- user tracking
>- support for server clustering
>- tracking of author/editor activity
>- re-use of articles in the system
>- auto-checking for links
>PHP Magazin uses a more strict definition of the word CMS, which explains
>some of those features (with others I'm simply not sure what they're
>supposed to mean). Btw, PHP-Nuke and PostNuke are not on the list, but
>openPHPnuke is.
>Food for thought ...
>bye, Dirk
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