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Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu Oct 30 09:27:57 EST 2003

You are right, our custom PHP session handler will allow plugins to pass 
data around.

If you want to have a value (or object) just add it to the $_SESSION 

$user = &AEService::Authenticate($userName, $password);
$_SESSION['user'] = $user;

Then on subsequent page requests you would have access to the user 
object in the session.  Please note if you put objects in session the 
class definition needs to be included before you bring it out of the 
session.  Also, for GL2 we will need to set some ground rules on what 
can go in the session.  Sessions sizes should be measured in KB not MB.

Hope that helps,


Tom Willett wrote:
> I just ran across an issue that it would be nice for Geeklog 2 to address.  
> Tony I imagine that this should be taken in to account in session 
> management.  
> It would be nice to have a simple way to pass state information.  HTTP being 
> a stateless protocol we have to resort to either cookies or passing 
> everything as post or get variables or some such mechanism.  I am against 
> plugins/addons adding extra cookies and from a security and aesthetic 
> standpoint do not like to use get variables unless necessary.  Plugins can 
> do this on their own by using the database for a scratch area, but this then 
> requires another database access for each plugin.
> Just a thought that if implemented could make programming plugins easier and 
> more secure.
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> Tom Willett
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