[geeklog-devel] 1.3.9 soonish?

Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Fri Sep 5 15:29:52 EDT 2003

Congradulations Dirk, I'm sure you are pleased.

I only hope they pay you well and don't expect more then 8 hours a day and
let you spend time on Geeklog, GL-Pro may even be in their future.
Would we have heard of your new employer ?

Regarding additional features ...
Two small ones right now off the top;

1) Support for double-wide centerblock. Just needs a condition stmt in
index.php and a new template
2) Config option to show the right blocks instead of the whats_related Block
when viewing a story.

What about that block order hack that was submitted to allow an admin to
just click on up/dn arrows to reposition block order.

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> Okay, so the good news is that I have a job again. And the bad news is -
> that I have a job again.
> In other words, starting September 15th I will have "slightly" less time
> to spend on Geeklog. Of course I don't plan to stop working on Geeklog,
> but I will probably not be able to spend too much time on it for a couple
> of weeks before things have settled down a bit.
> So my idea was to try and get an 1.3.9rc1 out before that date.
> I'd like to add a few things to the Content Syndication, need to look
> into a few bug reports and update the documentation.
> Any other things that should go into this release? Blaine? Simon?
> bye, Dirk
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