[geeklog-devel] How's the PDF generation supposed to work?

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Aug 2 10:02:11 EDT 2004

Dirk Haun wrote:

>Hmm, I thought the problems I had with the PDF generation where mostly
>due to the lack of a PDF plugin for MacOS X (yes, Simon, I know there's
>an unofficial one), but on closer inspection, that doesn't seem to be all ...
>So I have
>$_CONF['pdf_enabled'] = 1;
>$_CONF['pdf_adhoc_enabled'] = 0;
>Normal users get the PDF icon and when they click on it, they are being
>told that "The PDF feature has been disabled". So why is that icon there
>in the first place?
>For Admins, clicking on the PDF icon creates a new PDF file. Every time.
>So after 5 clicks, I have 5 identical PDFs (for the same story). Why?
It's a problem with the filename given to the PDF...which is currently 
the current unixtimestamp instead of the SID.  I'll get that fixed.

>After setting
>$_CONF['pdf_adhoc_enabled'] = 1;
>the same thing (multiple creation of identical PDFs) happens for normal
>users, too. Again: Why?
That setting should only enable the ad-hoc feature where you can enter 
any external URL and generate the PDF. 

>That I only get an empty browser window once pdfgenerator.php redirects
>to pdfgenerator.php?cmd=getPDF&pdfFile=20040731232336946.pdf may be due
>to local setup issues - still investigating that one.
>bye, Dirk
I'll look at this all sometime today.


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