[geeklog-devel] GL2 Framework

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Dec 13 14:39:26 EST 2004

>Hmm, but GL2 is my long-term vision ...
That's good to know.  I thought that is where you stood but I didn't 
want to make any assumptions at this point considering how long things 
have gone since I first proposed starting GL2 to now. 

>I can see enough potential in 1.3 to go for another year or maybe even 2,
>but eventually it will have to be replaced with something new. And I
>don't feel like I could develop a new system from scratch - I just don't
>have the time for that.
That is my exact dilemna.  So this raises the question I think I posed a 
long time ago which is shouldn't we consider drawing a line in the sand 
where we only do bugs, security fixes and minor enhancments to 1.3.x and 
focus all our attention on 2.x?  I think the general concensus at the 
time was that was a good idea but we simply didn't develop this into a 
real plan.  I think a real plan would involve mapping out the remaining 
tasks you'd like to see done in 1.3.x and partitioning those out into a 
set of releases with some loose target dates.  That would allow us to do 
some real planning for GL2.

>You can always count on me for GL2 module development, but I'd happily
>leave the core development in someone else's hands ...
Good.  You know it's funny how things evolved.  I got into GL similar to 
the way you did which ended up being a full range of duties that were, 
at the time, easier to manage because I had 'extra' time.  I think all 
of us core developers have similar issues so I think if we could simply 
figure out how to focus our energies into GL2 in an organized way we 
could really get a lot done.   Of course, I'd like us to add a few new 
developers as well...

 Thanks for the input.  It should stir up some conversation.


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