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I have been contributing on the 1.3 support and development but with all my 
plugins the demand is very high on my time to maintain them. The codebase 
for the forum plugin alone very demanding. And the other core plugins need a 
lot more attention and they are used heavily by the current users.

It's imperative that the 1.3.x code base continue the excellent support that 
Dirk and others of the team have been able to maintain and I don't think 
anyone is saying anything else. I am solidly behind GL2 but also am very 
dependant on 1.3 and it's become a very solid development framework for me.

I definitely want to contribute on the API and Module area of development.

>From  what I've seen so far, it's not the team members and wana-be team 
members lack of desire and intent to contrbute it's that we have different 
cycles of available time.

-- Blaine

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I've yet to hear anything substantive since the original 12/2 email I
sent on the topic.  In the interest of time I'm going to move on but it
is worth noting one thing.  The GL2 progress has been embarassingly
slow.  I take full accountablity for this.  This latest effort to move
forward on the codebase will be my last. ..if things stagnate again I
will formally put my GL coding days behind me and leave the entire long
term vision of GL to Dirk.  To help keep things moving I am hoping to
delegate as much work as possible to those with more time...however you
might note that quality help is a rare commodity.  The progress that can
be made is directly tied the help I cant count on.  I've had a number of
nibbles from people willing to help but none of them panned out, nearly
all sighting time commitments.  So to expand on what I have already
said, unless I can get other developers to devote some amount of time to
GL2 I will need to officially kill the notion of GL2.  To that end I am
setting a Februrary 1st deadline for myself and any that choose to help
on producing the complete GL2 framework code so that plugin development
can begin.  Anything short of that I will view as failure.

I've cc'd the users mailing list in the hopes that some on that list
might consider contributing to GL2.

My apologies if this all sounded a bit dramatic...I simply wanted to,
one last time, assert my hopes to get the project moving and my
willingness to step aside for the lack of progress.

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