[geeklog-devel] Custom user attributes in GL2

dwight at trumbower.com dwight at trumbower.com
Wed Dec 15 16:16:44 EST 2004

The easiest way I know of, one table.

column name - String
column type - specifies, long, int, string ect
column data - data as a string

Might need xref table to show where it is used. At least this is how would

> Anybody have any input on how to best address providing the community
> with fairly easy way to add custom attributes for users in GL2?
> I don't I have a good idea on how to do this.  My hopes are that plugins
> would have their own one-to-one mapping from the core user table to
> their own user table with addition information.  Assuming that is OK,
> how do we handle things the site admin simply wants to add (e.g. msn id,
> pgp key, etc).
> --Tony
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