[geeklog-devel] Draft of schema for GL2

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu Dec 16 14:24:54 EST 2004

I think we are fine.  Why?  Well, if we develop this using foreign keys 
I think we cover our arses in the case someone doesn't use INNODB.  
That's because I'm pretty sure that if a MySQL Server that doesn't have 
INNODB support compiled in and somenoe imports DDL for a database that 
tries to use INNODB, it will simply convert them to MyISAM and ignore 
any FOREIGN KEY constraints (as opposed to creating an error and dying).

As I said, the Propel classes enforce foreign key constraints natively 
(assuming the schema.xml is right) so in the MyISAM case we are still 
covered.  Only exception to this is obviously GL2 programmers can issue 
raw SQL so there is the possiblity of orphaned children.  But again, if 
all developers use INNODB the database during coding, we would catch any 
potential errors regardless.

So, in short, I don't think MyISAM users will be effected.  Of course 
someone will need to test this...

If I am right (which I'm pretty sure I am), we will want to put a stern 
warning about the possible effects of not using INNODB.  Also, this make 
the table-locking issue more complicated since we have to cover the 
MyISAM side of things as well.  Or does it?  Table locking should only 
occur on high traffic sites and, IMHO, you get what you get for using 
MyISAM on a wildly popular website.


dwight at trumbower.com wrote:

> Moving to INNODB is moving closer to a real DBMS and requires more
>administration. For one, you can't do backups unless you take the database
>off line or spend $500 for a product. I don't see ISP switching. Most
>can't handle standard mysql properly.
>I found this out when Dirk started making GL 1.3.x default to innodb. He
>changed it back to myisam with an option to make it innodb.
>I don't have a problem with forcing INNODB, just bringing up issues as I
>see them. The target user for GL2 will be much smaller than it is today.
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