[geeklog-devel] Geeklog-2 CVS, To-do list

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Dec 20 17:51:23 EST 2004

Here's an update on this list:

Tony Bibbs wrote:

> Here's the to-do list, short term:
> 1) BaseViewFlexy needs the translation stuff ironed out

Sorta done.  Needs to be thought through completely as I'm sure I 
haven't covered all our cases (not to mention I'm still fuzzy on how 
Translation2 works).  Also need to consider the possiblity of using the 
xml translation2 support given all the dependencies for the gettext 

> 2) Data model needs Dwights attention regarding the count fields (i.e. 
> gl2_user.num_views) so we can make a final decision and get those 
> changes in the data model.


> 3) Geeklog_LoginCommand.php needs to be implemented.  This should log 
> a user in, get the user object from the database (including 
> privileges) and serialize it to the session.

Rought draft is done.

> 4) BaseViewFlexyUser.php needs to be updated to correctly deserialize 
> the user object from the session.  If the user object doesn't exist it 
> should forward on to the Login page.  Otherwise it should forward on 
> to...well that's the million dollar question.  Given we have the 
> concept of plugins for everything, we probably need to allow the user 
> to specify the default one to use for the homepage, no?

Rough draft done.  I'll build a kernel home page that will be the 
default in the case that no plugins are installed.

> 5) We need the filtering class defined.  I know Blaine volunteered 
> originally...can you still do it?

Blaine was going to look into this since this would also benefit 1.3.x

> 6) Plugin API needs to have dependency checking added to it


> 7) Event Manager needs to be implemented.

This will be my next project, I guess.


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