[geeklog-devel] Today's GL2 Accomplishment

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Tue Dec 21 18:44:56 EST 2004

I've got GL2's Geeklog_EventManager.php fully implemented  The only 
method I have had time to test so far was registerListener().  The name 
of the file will change to ActionManager.php to represent the decision 
Vinny and I agreed to on not calling them events (this was mainly for 
support questions since plugins will more than likely have the concept 
of an event in one of them such as the calendar).

Speaking of testing, I need to spend some time with PHPUnit2 and figure 
out how to fit that in.  I don't think we need to test everything we 
have but covering the most critical code would be nice.  And, in my 
Eutopia, we'd even do a bit of test-first programming but that would be 
biting of too much at this time.


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