[geeklog-devel] Plugin layout

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Tue Dec 21 23:55:26 EST 2004

Vincent Furia wrote:

>The entire point of the "getPage" method in the plugin interface was
>so that both procedural and MVCnPHP plugins could operate off the web
>tree.  Procedural plugins could generate their web pages from that
>function (or functions called from their) and MVCnPHP plugins could
>instantiate their controller from that point.
That's fine, the only thing I want to try and honor is URL rewriting.  
Thus a URL like:


Should serve up fine.

The 'getPage' idea is nearly in-line with what I was expecting, I just 
didn't see how it would work for procedural plugins.

>That way everything except Geeklog-2's "index.php" will lie off the
>web tree.  Even images and files could be fetched via plugin so that
>access to them can be restricted without resorting to obfuscated names
>and such (which is bad security anyway, just ask gallery).
I don't argue this at all, again, it was more an issue of thinking 
through the procedural plugins.  I'm still fuzzy how this would work for 
them, though, I don't doubt it possible.  We just have to "make it so".


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