[geeklog-devel] Group Admin revisited

Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Sun Feb 1 12:46:31 EST 2004


I think that makes sense.

I wonder if the changes to support this will be restricted to the group
admin script or cascade into other security replated functions. I hope not
but as you know - sometimes these kind of changes unveil existing bugs.

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> Just checking if I'm on the right track here ...
> So say we're restricting Group Admin such that he can only assign users
> to groups of which he himself is a member.
> But he can still create new groups. Obviously, he needs to be assigned to
> these new groups automatically or he won't be able to assign anyone else
> to that group. Correct?
> Also, the permissions that can be used for a new group need to be
> restricted such that they only list permissions that the Group Admin
> already has (through his membership in other groups). Correct?
> As I said - just checking. I'm not going to implement this just yet (and
> if anyone else wants to do it, feel free to do so ...).
> bye, Dirk
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