[geeklog-devel] 1.3.9rc1 is nearing ...

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Feb 8 11:34:52 EST 2004

(hmm, I thought the mailing lists were down?)


I'm through with adding the parameter checking and I've changed the way
the Group Admin group works (as discussed earlier). Which means that all
the major points from my to-do list are done.

I will be going through the list of open bugs (as far as I have them in
my email database) and my notes to see what is left that should be fixed
/ implemented in this release.

But all in all, it looks like it would be possible to do an 1.3.9rc1
release after the next weekend. So if you have anything left that you
want to see in the next release, please bring it forward now (or wait for
1.3.10 ...).

bye, Dirk


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