[geeklog-devel] 1.3.9rc1 is nearing ...

Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Mon Feb 9 14:53:51 EST 2004

I have a feature that I have been asked to add for a client and will be
working on this week. I'd like to see this added to Geeklog as well and
should have it ready in a few days.

The client wants to be able to auto-archive stories.
   - Admin can set archive date
   - stories moved to a "archive" topic that may be hidden or restricted
   - option to auto delete or archive
   - different template used when displaying archived stories.

Are there any concerns about adding this to CVS when comleted?
Do you see any problems or additional features that should be considered?

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Subject: [geeklog-devel] 1.3.9rc1 is nearing ...

> (hmm, I thought the mailing lists were down?)
> Gentlemen,
> I'm through with adding the parameter checking and I've changed the way
> the Group Admin group works (as discussed earlier). Which means that all
> the major points from my to-do list are done.
> I will be going through the list of open bugs (as far as I have them in
> my email database) and my notes to see what is left that should be fixed
> / implemented in this release.
> But all in all, it looks like it would be possible to do an 1.3.9rc1
> release after the next weekend. So if you have anything left that you
> want to see in the next release, please bring it forward now (or wait for
> 1.3.10 ...).
> bye, Dirk
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