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Ooops, somehow the geeklog-devel address got left off my reply post.


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I am currently the primary maintainer of the Geeklog/Gallery 
integration.  You're more than welcome to incorporate it into the 
official Gallery code (it would certainly save effort on my part).  An 
"unofficial" gallery release using Gallery 1.4.1-pl1 with alterations to 
make it embeddable in Geeklog is avialable from: 

The only problem I forsee with integrating it "officially" is that the 
Geeklog version required a few hacks to the core Gallery files.  Please 
keep me up to date on any progress you make or if you require testers 
(they should be pretty easy to recruit).


Jens A. Tkotz wrote:

>Hello Geeklog Developers,
>my Name is Jens Tkotz (aka Tim_j) and a Member of Gallery Developer Team.
>Today a user came in our irc Channel and reported something Gallery <-> Geeklog
>So i visited your site and see that there is an existing Modification.
>What about integrating your code for integration into official Gallery Code ?
>I recently have done the phpBB2 integration and would be happy to do it for
>geeklog too.
>Please let me/us know if you are interested.
>Ich sag mal ... Charisma
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