[geeklog-devel] 1.3.9rc1 is nearing ...

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Feb 14 14:58:09 EST 2004

Things are looking good for 1.3.9rc1.

I'm through with my to-do list (well, the important bits from it - had to
resist the temptation on a few items ;-)

Since the CVS notifications aren't working, I'd like to point out two
important / interesting changes I made:

There is now an option to not stay logged in after your session expires.
The "stay logged in for ..." option is a convenience function, but a
dangerous one these days (as our special friend Jelmer has already
pointed out). Should someone manage to steal your cookies, they could
easily log in to your account.

I hope I didn't break session handling when changing this. Further
testing appreciated ...

Also, I've made a last-minute extension of the plugin API so that plugins
can now add their own entries to the What's New block. I've been wanting
to add this for a long time, but it always seems to slip through the cracks.

I've attached an implementation of the two new functions for the File
Management plugin (pretty much the same code that's already behind the
"New Downloads" block on geeklog.net). Just paste it into your filemgmt/

So what's left to do? More testing, of course. Documentation updates.
Running the language files through my lm.php script. And synching the
German version with CVS.

I'm still aiming at a release on Monday and hope to have a tarball ready
for pre-release testing by tomorrow evening.

I'll keep you posted ...

bye, Dirk

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