[geeklog-devel] 1.3.9rc1 is nearing ...

Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Sun Feb 15 01:33:37 EST 2004

Sounds good -- Any idea when CVS will be back online?

* Update on Story Archive Mgmt *
I have completed the modifications to support Archive Mgmt of stories and
have someone else testing it now. I only needed to add one field to the
story table. There already is a statuscode field that was not being used.

You have 2 options now to expire a story
  1) Delete upon Expiry or
  2) Archive upon Expiry

You need to create a topic that you will use to hold the expired topics and
set it up using a new $_CONF parm:
 // Topic ID (tid) that Auto-Archived topics will be moved to at  their
expire date
 $_CONF['archivetopic'] = 'archive';

You would normally restrict permissions to only story.admin so these stories
and topic will not be accessible.

I also modified COM_article to use a new set of templates so that if you do
want these stories accessible to your members, the template would indicate
they are older stories.

I have not added the logic to disable new comments but that should not be

Effected files:


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> Things are looking good for 1.3.9rc1.
> I'm through with my to-do list (well, the important bits from it - had to
> resist the temptation on a few items ;-)
> Since the CVS notifications aren't working, I'd like to point out two
> important / interesting changes I made:
> There is now an option to not stay logged in after your session expires.
> The "stay logged in for ..." option is a convenience function, but a
> dangerous one these days (as our special friend Jelmer has already
> pointed out). Should someone manage to steal your cookies, they could
> easily log in to your account.
> I hope I didn't break session handling when changing this. Further
> testing appreciated ...
> Also, I've made a last-minute extension of the plugin API so that plugins
> can now add their own entries to the What's New block. I've been wanting
> to add this for a long time, but it always seems to slip through the
> I've attached an implementation of the two new functions for the File
> Management plugin (pretty much the same code that's already behind the
> "New Downloads" block on geeklog.net). Just paste it into your filemgmt/
> functions.inc
> So what's left to do? More testing, of course. Documentation updates.
> Running the language files through my lm.php script. And synching the
> German version with CVS.
> I'm still aiming at a release on Monday and hope to have a tarball ready
> for pre-release testing by tomorrow evening.
> I'll keep you posted ...
> bye, Dirk
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