[geeklog-devel] The first 1.3.9rc1 bugs are in ...

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu Feb 19 07:58:08 EST 2004

I tend to order my blocks in increments of ten as well.  Just a 
preference so I'd vote for the db change since that seem like the 
'right' way though I do appreciate the hassle that creates.

Blaine Lang wrote:
> Well we could change the interval but I like 10 :)
> Only 2 options - change the interval or change the field type that I see.
> It could be changed to use 2 as the interval and that still allows someone
> to manually enter a number to fit between 2 blocks.
> Blaine
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>>I'm a bit short on time this week, so I try to delegate as much as
>>possible ;-)
>>Next person on my list: Blaine.
>>I've received a report from someone who has a lot of blocks on his site.
>>Apparantly, since the new block list code will number them in steps of
>>10, it will eventually come up with block order numbers in the 300s. But
>>Geeklog only allows order numbers up to 255.
>>I'd prefer a solution that doesn't require theme and database changes,
>>but if that's not possible or would require too much work, then so be it
> ...
>>bye, Dirk
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