[geeklog-devel] The first 1.3.9rc1 bugs are in ...

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Feb 22 15:12:11 EST 2004


>Well we could change the interval but I like 10 :)
>Only 2 options - change the interval or change the field type that I see.

Looks like the least painful method would be to simply change the field
type for "blockorder" from a TINYINT to a SMALLINT.

Vinny, what's the status on the problem with the nested comments?

A few people seem to have problems with PEAR::Mail when safe_mode is on.
At least when selecting 'mail' as the backend, PHP complains about the
fifth parameter for mail() not being allowed in safe_mode. Switching to
'sendmail' or 'smtp' fixes that (in my local tests), but obviously not
for all people.

I have just added a hook that lets you override COM_mail() with a
CUSTOM_mail() function (i.e. if such a function exists, COM_mail() calls
it instead of handling emails itself).

If the safe_mode problems persist, we might even have to add a 'geeklog'
backend option that re-implements Geeklog's old way of sending emails.
Have to do some digging on documented problems with PEAR::Mail first -
maybe there's a better solution.

So these are the showstoppers for rc2 at the moment, AFAICS. Anything else?

bye, Dirk


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