[geeklog-devel] comment.php

Vincent Furia vmf at abtech.org
Fri Feb 20 21:59:10 EST 2004

In 1.3.8, when displaying comments using comment.php (?mode=display) GL 
would assume threaded mode.  This made sense since the other comment 
modes (nested, flat) can display all the comments on a single page 
without needing a click through to see more comments.

In 1.3.9's comment.php we are setting the comment mode (threaded, 
nested, etc) to the user's choice or the default value.  Unfortunately 
if a user has his prefs set to 'nested' but then uses the title bar to 
select 'threaded' and then clicks on a threaded comment it causes the 
comment to display as his preferenced value.

So I guess I'm asking is what is the desired behavior here?  Should 
comment.php only be used to display threaded comments (notice the code 
to display in comment.php takes a 'pid' rather than a 'cid' to display 
all the children of a parent - but not the parent, rather than a 
particular comment and its children).  Or should it use whatever the 
user's preferences indicate (overriding a previous commentbar choice). 
Or should it 1st go by choice, then preference?  Or something else...

After that question is answered here is an related enhancement for 
comment.php that we may consider looking at: we can add a bit of logic 
to display a comment based on 'cid' (along with its children) in 
addition to the current display by parent ('pid').  This would allow 
users to link to a particular comment in a story/poll/plugin/etc.

Have enough time to think about all that?  Once you have my opinion 
(vote?) is below.


My opinion:  I think the comment.php display as it is ('pid') should 
only be available in threaded comments.  It doesn't make much sense to 
have it for nested or flat comments.  I like the idea of being able to 
link to a particular comment, so I'd vote yes for that feature 
(available in any comment mode).

I'll code it all up once the votes are in.  Also if you vote yes the 
display by 'cid' should it be in 1.3.9 or should it wait for 1.3.10.


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