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Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Fri Feb 20 23:44:49 EST 2004

What I see is that nested looks like flat mode now.
I've tried setting my preference to nested and threaded and really did not
see a difference when viewing comments in nested mode. They always appeared
as flat. Nested used to have the  threaded look but would expand out all the

Example story with 50 comments:

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> In 1.3.8, when displaying comments using comment.php (?mode=display) GL
> would assume threaded mode.  This made sense since the other comment
> modes (nested, flat) can display all the comments on a single page
> without needing a click through to see more comments.
> In 1.3.9's comment.php we are setting the comment mode (threaded,
> nested, etc) to the user's choice or the default value.  Unfortunately
> if a user has his prefs set to 'nested' but then uses the title bar to
> select 'threaded' and then clicks on a threaded comment it causes the
> comment to display as his preferenced value.
> So I guess I'm asking is what is the desired behavior here?  Should
> comment.php only be used to display threaded comments (notice the code
> to display in comment.php takes a 'pid' rather than a 'cid' to display
> all the children of a parent - but not the parent, rather than a
> particular comment and its children).  Or should it use whatever the
> user's preferences indicate (overriding a previous commentbar choice).
> Or should it 1st go by choice, then preference?  Or something else...
> After that question is answered here is an related enhancement for
> comment.php that we may consider looking at: we can add a bit of logic
> to display a comment based on 'cid' (along with its children) in
> addition to the current display by parent ('pid').  This would allow
> users to link to a particular comment in a story/poll/plugin/etc.
> Have enough time to think about all that?  Once you have my opinion
> (vote?) is below.
> /////////////////////
> My opinion:  I think the comment.php display as it is ('pid') should
> only be available in threaded comments.  It doesn't make much sense to
> have it for nested or flat comments.  I like the idea of being able to
> link to a particular comment, so I'd vote yes for that feature
> (available in any comment mode).
> I'll code it all up once the votes are in.  Also if you vote yes the
> display by 'cid' should it be in 1.3.9 or should it wait for 1.3.10.
> -Vinny
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