[geeklog-devel] Search Engine Friendly URLs for Stories

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Jan 16 02:46:37 EST 2004

Vincent Furia wrote:

>I wrote this against the current CVS version of geeklog-1.3.  I've 
>tested it pretty well on linux.

Thanks, Vinny. I seem to remember that Tom Willet and yourself where
doing tests like that on gplugs.sf.net. So you have evidence that these
URLs are more likely to be picked up by Google et al.?

>I doubt it will work under Windows with 
>IIS since it uses the same methodology as Staticpages.

I wonder if that problem still exists - the last time someone looked into
this was almost a year ago. Does anyone have access to a current version
of IIS + PHP to test it out?

bye, Dirk


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