[geeklog-devel] Search Engine Friendly URLs for Stories

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Jan 31 09:16:48 EST 2004


>I wrote this against the current CVS version of geeklog-1.3. [...] Like 
>staticpages, it is keyed on the $_CONF['url_rewrite'] variable.

I've integrated these patches into CVS now. Thanks!

I played around with it and noticed that the URL rewriting has one
drawback: It's not flexible enough to handle varying parameters, e.g.


where the first one would be a link to the printer-friendly version (i.e.
&mode=print without rewriting) and the second one highlighting the word
"Gallery" when being returned from a search (i.e. &query=Gallery without

So at the moment, we have a mixture of both rewritten and normal links.
Not really a problem, but it looks a bit odd.

>I'd also like to add the recommendation that the 
>"start_readmore_anchortag" and "end_readmore_anchortag" be available to 
>the template regardless of whether there is more text to read.

I've introduced an {article_url} variable now that you could use for a
"link to this story" link (as seen on many news sites). Wouldn't that
accomplish the same result?

bye, Dirk


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