[geeklog-devel] Comment Links

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Thu Jun 3 16:37:20 EDT 2004

Vinny wrote:

>1.  How should the comment default mode be determined.  Right now I have 
>  it that you can add an optional parameter to the url 
>format=<commentmode> (where commentmode one of: threaded, nested, flat) 
>and a default to threaded.
>Should a user's preferences be used?  Should the site default be used? 
>I'm not sure all the purposes this linking will be used for so I'm not 
>sure what a good default (or way of determining default) would be.

Actually, wouldn't it make sense if this displayed _only_ that one
comment? All the other functionality is already there with mode=display.

But I guess it really depends on what it's going to be used for.
Brainstorming, please ...

- to link to specific comments from the search results page
- for the new "report abusive comment" feature (in the email the Admin

What else?

>The comment bar really sucks for the display of comments like this.  Any 
>changes made to options using the comment bar pushes you back to 
>article.php.  So...
>2.  Should we overhaul the comment bar, remove it when displaying a 
>direct link to a comment, or remove it for all uses in comment.php (i.e. 
>linking to pid's using mode=display as well)?

The comment bar is certainly not something I would miss, as long as I can
get most of the functionality in some other way, specifically a link back
to the story. The Reply button could easily be replaced with a link under
the actual story and I only use the mode dropdown on sites where I'm not
a registered user or when I'm not logged in. Does anyone even use the
Oldest First / Newest First dropdown?

So, I'm open for suggestions ...

>One obvious variable is adding a {permalink} to the comment.thtml.

Yep. We have {article_url} for the story link, so this should be named
something like {comment_url}.

>Another is adding a link to the 
>comment for Dirk's reporting of comment abuse.

I've hard-coded those, similar to the Admin's "Delete" option.

bye, Dirk

P.S. I'll be offline Friday-Sunday, in case anyone's missing me.


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