[geeklog-devel] PDF feature....

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Fri Jun 4 09:35:28 EDT 2004

Yeah, the generator take a simple URL as an argument.  It then downloads 
the HTML for the URL and converts it to PDF.  That should make 
integration into GL's plugins a breeze.

Oh, and has Diego gotten back to you?  He should lurk in the IRC channel 
when he gets a chance.


Blaine Lang wrote:

>Hi Tony,
>I think this would be usefull and nice if there was a new optional function
>that plugins could call to create a pdf from data they are managing as well.
>I've looked at the PHP PDF funcitions and it appeared to not be too
>involved. I just have not had the client request yet so I left it on the
>side for now.
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>This weekend I'm going to be polishing a PDF generator that a buddy from
>work built.  Long story short is I have a working hack that allows you
>to view any Geeklog article as a PDF.  The way it works is it send the
>printmode HTML to a PDF generator which saves the resulting PDF into a
>directory.  Most of my work is going to be code clean up and then adding
>a few simple $_CONF vars.  I figured having it will let you all decide
>on how else we might use the thing.
>I've attached a sample PDF generated using the tool from our Geeklog
>intranet site.
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